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Quitting some social media

A quick post today about leaving Twitter. It feels a bit self-indulgent to write about quitting some arbitrary website, but as I have a small-ish following of mostly hacker/infosec people, it makes sense in order to avoid various conspiracies involving Russia or intergalactic shapeshifting lizards.

As many people that know me are aware, I have suffered greatly from high levels of anxiety/depression/PTSD over the years and often tend to have a very suboptimal time with various mental health issues in general. Things have felt largely unstable and chaotic for a long time. Life has been surreal and abnormal let's say.

Since the start of the Covid19 lockdowns, I've been trying to improve a bunch of situations with an overall goal of achieving some longterm self-improvement and stability. One part of that process has involved steering clear of any negative, toxic, or overwhelming environments.

Twitter is a mix of these environments but mainly overwhelming. I won't go into some awful 10,000-word rant about it, but the tl;dr is that it does more harm than good, for me anyway.

So yes, no more Twitter (and probably all other social media too). Can confirm this isn't some crazy scheme involving four-dimensional quantum space reptiles, it's human brain things.

If you're also suffering from anything similar, get in touch if you fancy a chat about it.


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